Zoom Feather flags

Zoom Lite is a flexible flag system designed to give you a choice of pole sizes from 2.8m to 5.6m that can accommodate three different flag shapes – Quill, Crest and Feather. With a choice of bases to suit any ground surface, Zoom Lite is the ultimate flag system you can buy. Suitable for grass areas, hard standing ground or forecourts – base options below


  • Choice of four different flag pole heights 2.8m, 3.4m, 4.5m and 5.6m
  • Choice of three different flag shapes: Crest, Feather, Quill
  • Multiple bases to suit all surfaces. 
  • Beaufort scale 4 (13 -18 mph/21-29kmh)


Base Options


Large Base
Small Base


Spike or Stake/Corkscrew


Wall Mount
Water Base


Square Base Drive on Foot



Forecourt flags

Impressive and eye-catching flag system, ideal for use in shopping centres, summer events and forecourts.

  • Lightweight in design and perfectly portable
  • Available in fours different sizes: 2, 3m, 4m and 5m
  • Wide choice of suitable bases available
  • Withstands winds 13-18mph/21-29kmh approx.
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