Mouse Mats


When it comes to mouse-mats, the Brite-Mat® mouse mat is one of the most popular products on the market. Mouse mats are ideal for carrying contact details, calendars and even product range information, making them a really useful item.



The original hard-top Brite-Mat mouse mat offers stunning colour reproduction and a huge branding area for your logo. The Brite-Mat mouse mat is made right here in the UK using patented Brite™ technology. Its extremely hardwearing, has a non-slip base and offers 100% perfect mouse control for both optical and standard ball mice. The Brite-Mat contains recycled material, making it a great item for eco-friendly promotions.

Dimensions (mm): 240 x 190
Branding dimensions (mm): 240 x 190

125 £352.00
250 £445.00
500 £670.00
1000 £1125.00


Brite-Mat Lite

The Brite-Mat Lite is our lightest ever mouse mat, designed especially for low cost mailings. Weighing in at just 16grams and 350 microns thickness, you still get the fantastic colour reproduction and high quality that you would expect from any of the Brite™ products. The Brite-Mat Lite can be printed to both sides, offering you twice the branding opportunities! With the Brite-Mat Lite, there is 100% perfect tracking for both optical and standard ball mice, thanks to patented technology.

Dimensions (mm): 240 x 190
Branding dimensions (mm): 240 x 190

500 £581.00
1000 £828.00
2000 £1647.00
2500 £1437.00


Prices include delivery, but exclude vat
Foam based options such as Topmat, Economat Standard Mats are also available, please get in touch for a bespoke quotation on 01952 884556 or by email