Quick plus Pop-up Exhibition Display


The Quick+ has been innovated to be the best Pop-up yet and is packed with detailed designed features to ensure that the product is quick and easy to put up and the graphics even easier to hang.

  • Self-locating ‘smart’ magnetic locking arms and mag bars with adjustable clip-on graphic hanger fittings
  • Available as frame or graphic kit, single or double sided
  • Choice of 3×2 to 2×5 quad systems either as free-standing, straight or curved
  • Exclusive design
  • Patented mechanisms
  • Double action guarantee gives reassurance as mag bars are secured with both magnets and a click system whilst graphics are hung with both a hook and a magnetic link.

Call to discuss price for your preferred option for your Pop up display

Also available in great value bundle with halogen spotlights and Beech top counter unit


Quick Plus Hook-Detail

Quick Plus Graphic Spec (ZIP)


Quick Plus Pop Up Technical (PDF)