Pop-up Exhibition Stand


Exhibition Pop-Ups

Our Exhibition Pop-Ups consists of an easy to erect, folding frame made from annodised aluminium. Panels arrive ready to be attached to frame by magnetic strips all packaged in a heavy duty carry case with 2 halogen lamps included. The case can also double up as a podium using the wood table top supplied.

Exhibition banner kit including graphic

£ No of panels Footprint Height (excl lamps)
1 x 3 £poa 3 (1 central + 2 end) 122.5cm wide by 33.5cm deep 223cm
2 x 3 £poa 4 (2 central + 2 end) 191cm wide by 50cm deep 223cm
3 x 3 £poa 5 (3 central + 2 end) 254cm wide by 67cm deep 223cm
4 x 3 £poa 6 (4 central + 2 end) 307cm wide by 96.5cm deep 223cm

What’s included?

  • 1 x annodised aluminium frame
  • Magnetic rails to affix graphics to frame
  • Panels/graphics printed and ready to be mounted to frame (see above for quantity)
  • 2 x Halogen lamps
  • Carry case
  • Delivery to 1 UK mainland address